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Tadashi Kashiwada

2004 Osaka Sam Hall Competition: Second Prize

2004 Fukui Sam Hall Competition: Fukui Broadcasting Award

2006 Contemporary Painting Competition: First Prize                         

2007 Sekaido Painting Competition:  Second Prize

2008 Fukazawa Competition for Paintings on the Theme of Flowers: Shorei award

2011Art-move Painting Competition, Osaka City Board of Education Prize

2012 Transnational Art 2012

2012 Salon Art Shopping (in Paris)

2014 Artslant 6th 2014 showcase winner in the painting category

2015 Art Renewal Center 2014-2015 salon "Lessons in classical painting publication" award

Single picture selected for hanging

1998 Singer &Friedlander Sunday Times Watercolour Competition ,Mall Gallery, London

2007 Showa Kai Exhibition,  Nichido Gallery, Tokyo

2015,2016 MEAM/Salmagundi 2014/2015 International ARC Salon Exhibition 

(Barcelona, New York)     .......  Etc.

 Solo Exhibitions

2004 October, White Cube PB, Osaka

2007 June, Ichimainoe Gallery, Tokyo

2009 August,  Ichimainoe Gallery, Tokyo Ginza

2014 Jan.  Aoki gallery Luft  ( Tokyo Ginza)

2014 Oct. OTO gallery  (Osaka)

2015 Apr.  Aoki Gallery (Tokyo Ginza)

2016 Jun.  Aoki Gallery (Tokyo Ginza)

2016 Dec. Kawata gallery (Kobe)

2018 Apr.  Aoki Gallery (Tokyo Ginza)